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Premier Bride National

CHALLENGES:  Create a website that's main function is to drive traffic to local markets nationwide.

SOLUTIONS:  Pages were designed to be very photo heavy utilizing the most common elements searched for by today's bride.  General articles written about each area of wedding planning are highlighted with an emphasis on large photos.  Each page then tries to refer the reader to their local markets.

Surge Martial Arts

CHALLENGES:  This was a new school.  Main object of the site was to introduce traffic to the location.  Biggest task was to build a blog plus incorporate a class schedule.

SOLUTIONS:  Blog posts are designed to display photos from recent events and promote future class announcements and events.  Blog works with calendar on the site as well as posting directly to Facebook and Twitter.  YouTube videos are also incorporated throughout the site both as instructional guides on pages and newsworth items on the blog.

Sparkle Holiday & Event Design

CHALLENGES:  A new company in Virginia who creates holiday displays for both residential and commercial locations.

SOLUTIONS:  Create a blog-heavy website where stories can be written about the latest design trends and new ideas.  In addition, a place was created for a portfolio that displays their previous projects.  Everything is also integrated with social media and e-mail marketing.

Urologic Services (AUS/UTS)

CHALLENGES:  Urologic Services is an umbrella that covers both Advanced Urologic Services (AUS) and Urologic Technology Services (UTS).  The challenge was to sell them together yet keep areas of the site separate.

SOLUTIONS:  First off, we developed a logo that worked together and apart.  That led us down the road to have pages that shared information across the company lines and some that were separate (mainly the product lines).  Photos and video along with an area for downloads are also incorporated on this site.

Premier Bride Wisconsin's Blog

CHALLENGES:  Create a website that is a companion to which will promote local businesses bridal shows and more.

SOLUTIONS:  Main emphasis on this site was the blog - large preview photos will appear on the home page in a rotating fashion to keep the reader interested.  Bridal show descriptions along with large photos and google maps designed to promote search engine traffic.  Standard articles are also included on the site for traffic as well as linking back to the other site.

Enjoy Jefferson County

CHALLENGES:  Create a site that serves as a go to website for information on tourism along with an event calendar in Jefferson County.  The site also needed to become a place for advertisers to promote their businesses and events.

SOLUTIONS:  The site is setup in four main categories - places, events, news and information.  Each is managed by different sets of people (with different permissions) and is propagated to different resources from other websites to facebook and twitter.  Definitely the most complex site I've designed to date.

People and Places Newspaper

CHALLENGES:  Publishing content from a printed newsletter to an online companion on a monthly basis to include articles, events and a photo library.

SOLUTIONS:  Utilizing the tools in WordPress, multiple authors have the ability to login and write their own articles for publication.  In addition, we've incorporated an event calendar along with a way for someone to purchase a subscription online.  PLUS, the site is integrated with Facebook and Flickr for further promotion.

Graphic Design and Photography

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