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Do as I say, not as I do!

As I was showing a customer how I have an html site with a WordPress blog embedded into it, I realized it’s been a LONG time since I’ve made a post!  Not just long, REALLY long.  My last post was in 2012.  I don’t even know how that’s possible!

So what have I been doing over the last few YEARS?  I’ve been busy with a lot of different projects both big and small.  I’ll fill you in on my last couple…

The Contrology Center Pilates Studio Germantown WI

Large EDDM Postcard for The Contrology Center Pilates Studio in Germantown, WI

The Contrology Center is a newer Pilates Studio in Germantown.  She wanted to reach people within a certain radius of the studio so we decided to use the “Every Door Direct Mail” program at the Post Office.  We printed an extra large postcard and picked our routes.  It worked perfect!  In addition to the postcard design, I also did all of the photography for this as well.  It was a fun project!


2017 Germantown WI Park and Rec Fall/Winter Guide

Germantown’s Park & Rec Fall/Winter Guide

First of all, I can’t believe I’m already doing work on fall/winter projects.  I love summer and even the thought of it coming to an end makes me so sad!  BUT, I absolutely LOVE working on this project.  It’s the perfect fit for me.  Organizing a lot of information and laying it out in a way that’s easy to understand and easy to follow.  It helps that the Park & Rec staff does a fantastic job of getting the information to me in a completely readable format!  Want to see the rest of the book?  Visit their website for the online version – and sign up for some classes there are so many great offerings!




Premier Bride Magazine Milwaukee Northeast Wisconsin Detroit

Premier Bride’s Summer/Fall Edition

The 4th of July marks the release of the summer/fall edition of Premier Bride Magazine.  Currently, I’m working on the Milwaukee (Southeast Wisconsin), Northeast Wisconsin and Michigan books.  One of my favorite projects of all time.  I love working on books with LOTS of pages.  Let’s me exercise the coordination between my right and left brain.  I’m fortunate – they give me a lot of latitude to be creative and try new things each time we publish.  It’s a great team and a great project.  Want to see the entire book?  Visit Milwaukee’s online version here.


Jefferson County Wisconsin Tourism

Jefferson County Official Guide and Website

Lastly, I have to share the latest website I’ve been working on.  The Jefferson County Tourism Council’s official website promoting tourism across the county.  We’ve featured some of the top tourism events and locations from The Fireside Dinner Theatre to a great local coffee pick me up Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters.  There’s also a packed event calendar and a signup for receiving a monthly newsletter.  It’s a feature-packed website and I’m so happy to be working on it.


That’s the latest in a nutshell.  Please know – I’m still keeping busy even if I’m not posting online.  But don’t follow my lead.  Keep up on your blog posts, add photos and don’t forget to include keywords on your photos for top notch SEO!!  🙂

Enjoy Jefferson County Website Launch

It’s been a long project and a HUGE learning experience, but I’ve finally been able to launch the new website for the Jefferson County Tourism Council. The 2013 Official Guide will go on sale this month. So excited to see what the reaction to the website will be. It’s a HUGE improvement from our old site. Lots more to do and way more control in the hands of the advertiser. Be sure to take a look and let me know what you think. The site address is

New Website Launch!

To what I hope to be a new trend, I’ve launched a new website! The People and Places Newspaper website is officially live. People and Places is a monthly newspaper for the Leyden Township area of Illinois. It’s just outside the city of Chicago, by O’Hare. Lots of great information on the area’s news and things to do. I’m excited to see how this site will change as it grows. It’s been a learning experience for me too. It amazes me as to how many plugins are out there for WordPress – and to think, I’ve only scratched the surface! Be sure to take a look here: Leave a comment or two to let us know what you think.