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Senior Photos

Senior Photos at Milwaukee’s Lakefront

Senior photos

I’ve been enjoying shooting senior photos more and more.  Reminds me of when I got my senior photos and how different things are these days.  Not so many ruffles and many more options!  With technology the way it is, photographers like me can offer all kinds of variety.  Makes it really fun!  So here’s one that we did in South Milwaukee and on Milwaukee’s Lakefront.  Beautiful day for some great photos!


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Fun Hair Idea for Photos – especially for high school seniors

Here’s a fun idea for your next photo shoot.  Color your hair with chalk!  It’s not permanent and it’s a fun way to express your own personality.  Here’s a video that show’s you how to do it. Enjoy!


Senior Pictures

It’s been a busy photo weekend so far!  One of my high school classmates brought her niece over for some senior photos today.  So nice to reminisce and make new memories for her niece Dana.  Have a GREAT senior year!

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Senior Pictures

I don’t often get asked to do senior photos.  Kind of makes me nostalgic to when I got my own senior photos.  Things were a lot different back then!  I remember wearing my prom dress and this peach sweater!  I think the photos are still hanging on my Mom’s wall!  🙂  Let’s hope Nick and his Mom cherish these photos for years to come.  High School is definitely a milestone!  We took these photos by the Lannon Quarry.  Definitely a place to visit for future shoots!

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