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My style is relaxed and simple.  I’m not conventional by any means.  I work until it’s done which tends to mean nights and weekends.  It’s more a lifestyle than just a job.

I took everything I learned in college about marketing, graphic design and computers and put it to work when I started my own business in 2001.  While I am able to work on a wide variety of projects, my specialty is in design and production of large scale projects like magazines and catalogs.  I have a unique quality of making my right and left brain work together – great for organizing large amounts of information and making it presentable.

As time went on, I expanded my knowledge by adding both photography and website design.  I've been able to integrate both skills into what I was already doing to enable my clients to finish their projects efficiently and within budget.

In my slow times, I also shoot portraits in my studio, my wooded backyard or on-location depending upon what my clients want.

Please look through my portfolio for an idea of what I can do then drop me a note to tell me what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Jennifer Erdman

Graphic Design and Photography

Post Office Box 443  |  Germantown, WI 53022


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